Back in October 2017, Adam Ben-Yousef, Diageo’s first Head of Effectiveness told an audience at the IPA’s Effectiveness Week about the early indicators for the company wide planning and data platform, Marketing Catalyst. Eighteen months into its roll out, the program was “substantially over-delivering its business case”, he reported, with “levels of positive engagement from our marketing community are off the charts”.

Now, tangible results are emerging, according to Diageo insiders speaking at an MRS Impact fringe event at the international drinks company’s Soho offices (London, March 2018).

Andrew Geoghegan, Global Head of Consumer Planning, outlined the beginning of the platform as a way in which his department of consumer planners had begun to move into a space of business leadership, away from the internal consultant or research stereotype. Moreover, building the tool would drive a clean-up and standardisation of data in order to make it useful.