As Asia's emerging middle class have soared exponentially in the past ten years, so too has the consumer power of a potentially unexpected segment in the region: kids. Asia's children and teens are enjoying fatter wallets than ever before, and now are influencing their parent's purchases decisions.

Today's young people – especially those from South East Asia's emerging markets - will grow up with a very different life to that of their parents, or even that of children ten years older, as the beneficiaries of sustained economic growth, higher standards of living, and more connectivity in the region than ever before.

School-aged kids in Asia now have a wealth of information – and products – at their fingertips in the form of a mobile phone or an internet connection. They also have their own revenue streams – and it's not just pocket money anymore.

With that comes the ability to influence their parents' purchase decisions as well as their own, according to Marcus Herrmann, of children's marketing consultancy Totally Awesome.