Six-second spots are viable – and powerful – tools of audience engagement, according to new research from the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

Tests that the trade body conducted with TVision Insights, the Boston-based research firm, found that while short-form spots accounted for only 3% of ad placements, they drove approximately 6% of impressions.

The short-form spots, the ARF and TVision discovered, also proved most powerful among millennials when they extended an established campaign in low-clutter environments with creative adjusted to the particular viewing screen.


Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer, ARF

“As the number of six-second ads on television increases, we are seeing a growing interest in this format. Because this research was conducted in-home, as opposed to previous lab research, our findings provide new and unique insights that reflect real-world behavior,” said Paul Donato, the ARF’s chief research officer.