In a world cluttered with the detritus of ‘next big thing’ brands that have been and gone, Apple has endured by constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs and outgoing Chief Design Officer Jony Ive are two of the most celebrated figures in technology and design history. Apple’s most iconic products – from the Mac, to the iPhone, to the iPad or Apple Watch – are the choice of seemingly every creative game-changer or rule-breaker in the world.

The secret of Apple’s success? The best possible products and the best possible marketing combined to deliver maximum impact. Perfectly-engineered technology delivered in a box designed to encourage sensory experiences. Store architecture that speaks for itself. A single photo taken on an iPhone, blown up to the size of a building. Refining the brief, then refining it again. Saying no to 1000 ideas just to get to a single yes.

And most importantly, never losing sight of Apple’s three guiding principles: simplicity, creativity and humanity.