At a glance

Research by Dotdigital highlights a need for retailers in APAC to ensure they have the fundamentals of digital best practice in place before they can deliver meaningful omnichannel engagement.

Why it matters

With consumers spoilt for choice and increasingly unforgiving of brands that don’t deliver, ensuring relevant and seamless engagement across the consumer journey has become critical. To leverage the advantages of omnichannel marketing, retailers must ensure that they have the basics right with digital first.


  • Go beyond gathering self-reported explicit data such as forms and reviews, to observing and acting on implicit data, such as email interactions with opens and clicks, website behaviour, and purchase behaviour.
  • Regardless of whether email is a high-volume channel for them or not, as customers increasingly read emails on their mobile and this must be taken into consideration.
  • Offering editorial content can help customers to cut through the clutter of holiday sales and add value to their brand experience.