Even as the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) was preparing to welcome more than 2,500 delegates to its annual Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Bob Liodice was in the 2017 Advertising Week spotlight, beating the drum for one of the organization's newest causes: The disconnect between the halls of marketing academia and the actual practices of the advertising and media businesses.


Bob Liodice, President/CEO, ANA

"The system is either broken or is breaking. And it extends from the academic pipeline all the way to our executions of, and management of, talent in our respective business units," the ANA President/CEO proclaimed from the stage of an "Evolution of the Talent Landscape" seminar.

"The academic profile is very strained, because you have a student base that doesn't understand what our field is all about. And the reason they don't understand [is that marketing, media, and advertising] have, in fact, totally morphed in the past five to seven years.