Following a live pitch at ad:tech London 2017, Good-Loop, a British start-up which converts ad budget into charitable donations, entered into a partnership with KitKat, the Nestlé-owned confectionery brand. This enabled Nestlé to address a global marketing challenge, potentially double engagement with its ads, and to solicit contributions to its farming sustainability scheme.

At ad:tech London 2018, Good-Loop and KitKat returned to talk about how things had evolved in the intervening 12 months. Oliver Camp, lead at Nestlé’s innovation arm HENRi, gave some background.

“HENRi helps us pursue our big goals in partnership with equally ambitious start-ups. It’s all about partnering all the projects that matter,” he stated. “The really exciting thing is that we can take on the very biggest challenges around nutrition, health and wellness. That’s not just ad tech and marketing focused; it can be through supply chain products, innovation and packaging.”