In recent years, Anselmo Ramos, founder of the WPP-owned, Ogilvy-affiliated agency DAVID, has become something of an adland legend.

During his time at Ogilvy & Mather Brazil, Ramos had a hand in creating the 'Real Beauty Sketches' campaign for Dove. And, more recently, he's been lauded in Cannes and elsewhere for groundbreaking Burger King, MACMA and Heinz work.

It's a CV any agency creative would proud of, but it was a brand owner-heavy audience Ramos addressed at Brand Week (Istanbul, November 2017). And it was brand owners that were in his sights in his wide-ranging presentation.

"You as clients get the advertising you deserve," he said. "If you have great advertising – it's down to you. You as the client have the power to change the advertising that is produced."

To help them along the way, Ramos had ten tips to achieve this aim – and become, in his words, "the best client ever".

1) Become an ad nerd – and be proud of it