Zalando: #whereveryouare

Campaign details

Brand: Zalando
Agency: Kemmler Kemmler
Advertiser: Zalando
Country: Germany

Campaign Background & Summary

Zalando is proud to be Europe's leading online retailer for clothing, footwear and accessories. However, as a relatively new player in the fashion retail market filled with long-established names, the company has struggled to build a reputation as "fashion-savvy", leaving it vulnerable to edgier, trendier competition.

To take action, Zalando introduced Topshop – one of the largest and most desirable fashion brands within its market – to its inventory. As a result, Topshop products have been available to customers all over Europe via Zalando since autumn 2014. However, as the start of this collaboration was not widely communicated, our mission was to spread word of the partnership during spring 2015.