Vype: Keeping it simple

Campaign Background & Summary

The temptation when launching a new brand, especially a new brand in an evolving emerging category, is to learn and build from the 'best practice' of the brands already present. Fit in and everyone benefits from category momentum.

But all vaping brands were acting like brands from the heritage cigarette category, portraying vaping as a lifestyle accessory for twentysomething trendsetters in urban settings. For Vype, following this approach led not to acceptance but anonymity. Despite a LINK score of 2.92 vs norm of 2.561, it only delivered a return from communications of 75p for every £1 invested, as the market swelled with 'me too' competitors all chasing the same target.

Indeed, with a staggering 200+ new brands entering the market from 2013-15 in the UK alone2, it created an incredibly crowded and volatile space for any brand to gain a foothold. Furthermore, restrictions on nicotine products meant that brands have been more reliant on media spend to build their position. The result of this showing in an A/S ratio of 17.3%3, which is almost 4 times greater than soft drinks, confectionery and beer.4