Vodafone: Sealed with a kiss

Campaign details

Client: Vodafone
Brand: Vodafone
Agency: Grey London
Category: IT/Telco
Country: United Kingdom

People adore their phones, but there is little love lost between customers and their network providers. Minutes, texts and tariffs are confusing commodities. People have a promiscuous attitude to networks, choosing the cheapest and the category lacks loyalty. Vodafone wanted to launch Vodafone RED globally- a tariff that provided unlimited talk and text. It was their highest premium tariff ever, but this was during Europe's worst recession in living memory. Failure was a distinct possibility. The key measures for a mobile network are how many customers it has and each customer's monthly spend (Average Revenue Per User- ARPU). As the recession grumbled on, customers scrutinised bills, limiting usage and searching out cheaper tariffs. Vodafone designed Vodafone RED to increase ARPU and drive loyalty amongst customers by simplifying a complex and cluttered category. Vodafone RED was an expensive tariff offering unlimited texts and minutes, which made it good value for money. But one of the main challenges was to launch Vodafone RED at a higher price than the average European usually spends on his phone.

Business objectives

  1. Acquire more business in post-pay (contract), in the more valuable end of the market
  2. Migrate current customers into Vodafone RED
  3. Improve monthly ARPU in Hungary and Greece
  4. maintain market value share

Communication objectives

  1. Drive consideration among target customers
  2. Improve key brand measures: