T-Mobile: Singalong

2009 was the year in which T-Mobile was dedicated to launching its brand-new brand positioning. “Life Is For Sharing” had to become much more than just an end-line – it is a brand promise, a philosophy and a manifesto for the company.

In early 2009 “Life Is For Sharing” had been introduced across Europe with the “Dance” and “Rain of Flowers” campaigns. Now the brief was to create a single pan-European campaign which would marry the real-world participation and PR-ability of the former with the multi-market-ability of the latter.

While this was about driving a consistent brand strategy across multiple markets, we also had to be aware of the fact that the brand was in wildly different competitive positions across the different markets.

We faced further complications: on one hand, this was a brand-building campaign. But on the other, we knew that the individual markets were also deeply concerned with hitting their numbers. We had to find a way not only to deliver brand and product (and, often, retail) within one campaign, but, more challengingly, to deliver very specific hard-working product propositions which would be quite different from one market to another.


Business Objectives