Pringles: Summer in a Can

Client: P&G
Brand: Pringles
Agency: G2 Joshua
Category: FMCG
Country: United Kingdom

In 2010/11, Pringles was faced with two key challenges – there was very little New Product Development (NPD) to drive sales and little in the way of 'big events' e.g. football tournaments, to build a promotion around. The brand positioning for Pringles is 'playful eccentricity' and communications has historically been built in broadcast media (mainly TV). The brand positioning is to fuel unexpected fun and brighter days. At the heart of the communication are the iconic cans and all of these equities needed to be carried over into the 2010/11 promotion. However, with a need to drive ROI, 2011 was not going to be supported by TV. The overall business context in 2011 was that market share was stable but that distribution was an area of focus with P&G wanting to build a multi-location strategy i.e. have Pringles in more than one location in the store. The promotional mechanic therefore had to provide retailers with some new news in order to convince them of the need to give up precious sales space.