Nissan: Juke - Stay awake

Client: NISSAN Europe
Agency: TBWA\G1
Category: Product/Service Launch
Country: France

Nissan saw an opportunity to claim a slice of the fast growing and profitable premium part of the small car segment, representing 25-30% of the segment (40% in France). The first challenge was competing with a new and stronger set of competitors for Nissan: competitors with a strong premium image and heritage like Mini and Citroen DS. For a 3% player with a weak opinion, the task for Nissan did not seem easy. The time of Juke's launch coincided with the launch of the new models for many of these rivals. Alfa Romeo launched Mito in 2008; Citroen DS3 in 2009; Mini - with over 50 years of strong heritage – launched its small crossover – the Mini Countryman in 2010.

To succeed, Juke had to avoid cannibalising Qashqai – in the product clinics before launch we learned that Juke looked like a mid-sized car – or Micra. Lastly, attracting a new target audience for Nissan – young urban males – seemed very difficult in a market with high inertia, for a brand with an image tied to that of the older and feminine Nissan Micra – the model with the highest awareness of any Nissan model and 30 years in the market. We realised that to gain the attention and interest of a younger urban male audience, the key would be to create a strong personality for the car.


  1. In one year from launch, to create a strong personality so Juke can sustainably face competitors with strong images and brands.
  2. Use Juke to attract a conquest target audience that is new to Nissan
  3. Build Juke's sales to the level of Micra's within 2 years to secure Nissan's sustainable share of the small car segment
  4. Avoid cannibalisation with Nissan Qashqai or Micra
  5. Help consolidate Nissan's brand image perception

Target market