New Micra Launch

Brand Name: Micra
Client Name:
Nissan Europe
Agency Name: TBWA\G1
Category for this Entry: Automotive (Bronze)


In 2002, Nissan is close to completing its 'revival plan', designed after the company suffered a serious downturn in the late 90's. The new Micra launch in 2003 was vital for Nissan in Europe. It had to drive Nissan's profitability and play a pivotal role in the ongoing repositioning of the Nissan brand. The new Micra, radically different form previous models, required an altogether new communications approach. To make the launch a success, a revolutionary concept was developed: 'Do you speak Micra?' featuring the development of a new 'language' describing the new model. This strategy proved extremely successful, increasing volume sales across Europe by 70% and contributing 42% to Nissans overall sales.