Nikon: The Nikon 1 Launch Campaign

Client: Nikon Europe BV
Brand: Nikon
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Category: Product/Service Launch
Country: Germany

With its growth potential, the ACIL category offers great opportunities for Nikon to further expand their business within the imaging industry. That is why Nikon decided to build a new camera from scratch,bringing innovation and technology into the ACIL market with the new Nikon 1 in October 2011. Not only is the Nikon 1 the world's fastest and smallest system camera, it is also an intelligent camera,capturing pictures or movies even before the shutter release is pressed and continuing to do so afterwards. This revolutionary technology enables the world's first shooting modes like Smart Photo Selector(proposes the best shot), or Motion Snapshot (combines film and photography).

The challenge was to explain the groundbreaking yet complicated features while simultaneously positioning the Nikon 1 as highly innovative and approachable. Further, the new Nikon 1 needed to win the hearts of new target groups while avoiding the cannibalisation of the profitable DSLR segment –and all of this with the ambitious goal of winning a strong market position despite the late market entry.


  1. Business Objectives:
    1. Achieve a market share of at least 20% throughout Europe (EU11) in the ACIL segment, within the first six months
    2. Establish the Nikon 1 J1 as the leading model among the compact system cameras
  2. Communication Objectives
    1. Establish Nikon as awareness leader in the ACIL category.
    2. Drive line awareness for Nikon 1
    3. Boost consideration and enhance brand relevance
    4. Build up likeability
  3. Additional objective:
    1. Ensure a remarkable launch for the remarkable Nikon 1 by creating a high impact online and offline PR buzz

Target market