Challenge, context & objectives

Whereas the chocolate confectionery category shows a strong positive seasonality over the Christmas season, M&M's has historically played a minimal role during that season and lacks relevance for this occasion in which gift boxes take the lion's share. M&M's has been consistently communicating over the Xmas season with one famous spot, Faint, where our main characters meet Santa and faint.

Both in Italy and Russia, M&M's is a brand beloved by all, from 7 years old to 77 years old. As is Christmas. Our audience thus can better be described as truly universal and our communication is family-centric. Whilst the appeal of the brand is universal , brand communication throughout the year both leverages a young adult tone of voice but media investments are targeted towards recruiting young adults and maintaining our core audience of families.

In a category that sees a strong seasonal peak at Christmas ,M&M's has year on year exhibited poor performances at this key moment. Our objectives were business driven and were consistent in two prioritised markets, Russia and Italy:

  1. Increase penetration by 2% to make M&M's a real player in this season,
  2. Increase Net Sales Value by 10%.