Maggi Idea Launch


Client Company Name: Nestle Baltics

Brand Name: Maggi Idea

Category: FMCG


In 2009 economy in the Baltic countries suffered badly from the global crisis: GDP fell by around 15%*, unemployment raised to around 15%**. People started to cook from scratch and culinary categories sales fell: 4,8% in case of Seasonings and 20,1% in case of Cooking Soups***.

The recipe mixes category is quite new on the Baltic markets. First launch was done by Maggi in 2005 but it was unsuccessful therefore the range of the products was delisted after one year. On the beginning of 2009 the category have been relatively small (before our campaign Baltics market size was 73.590 EUR)****. and dominated by our main competitors: Knorr (45,91% Market Share in value) and Gallina Blanca (28,99% Market Share in value)*****. The category have not been widely communicated and consumers were not familiar with the category.