Lenor Parfumelle – 'Dresses in luxury'


Client Company Name: Procter&Gamble

Brand Name: Lenor

Category: Product/Service Launch


How we made recession smell a little bit nicer.

2008-2009 saw a global economic crisis. Fabric enhancer category suffered decrease. Luxury versions of all products were under threat from household thrift drives and value messages ruled the day. With this background Lenor launched its Parfumelle Collection, an exclusive perfume for fabrics and a new super-premium segment for Lenor and for the market. It faced two major challenges in doing so: not only is fragrance not a laundry necessity in a recession, but the fabric enhancer category is a hard one in which to stand out and justify top tier pricing at the best of times. Lenor is the leading brand in Central Europe but its strategy and pricing have been emulated both by its main competitor and lower tier brands too. All players use the same product architecture, similar scent lines and all communications are focused on softness and freshness benefits. Clearly breaking through this homogeneity would be tricky enough but doing so with a product which consumers could easily reject as unaffordable and unncecessary when finances were stretched could be seen as rather audacious!