Lenor: More than laundry

Campaign details

Brand: Lenor
Agency: GREY Germany GmbH
Client: P&G International Operations SA
Country: Germany

Campaign Background & Summary

For many years Lenor has been advertised differently in Western Europe (WE) versus Central-Eastern Europe (CEE). Research1 was constantly proving that consumers in these two sub-regions demanded not only different benefits from fabric enhancers, but also different tone-of-voice and visual aesthetics. This resulted in running two separate, very localised campaigns. The situation with "duality" of Lenor's image lasted for quite a while, with good results in respective sub-regions.

The challenge came when decisions were taken to look for savings. WE and CEE markets were consolidated operationally and financially as one unit called Greater Europe, under one marketing team dedicated to unifying the brand, without losing market share and revenue in key countries. Our task was to replace the current dual communication model with a pan-regional one, appealing across cultures.