Campaign details

Brand: Kinder Chocolate
Advertiser: Ferrero Česká s.r.o.
Agency: Momentum Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic

Countries in which effectiveness was proven

Czech Republic & Slovakia.

Campaign background

Brand, Product and Market Position

Ferrero, Kinder brand owner, is one of the top producers in the chocolate confectionery market in Czech (CZ) and Slovakia (SK). The Kinder brand covers multiple products; one of them is Kinder Chocolate (KCH). The KCH target group are mums who buy the product for their kids. The product uniquely consists of several individually packaged small chocolates.

About Market

Slovakia and Czech are first and second in the European market. Unfortunately, it's not a flattering victory. These countries sell 53, or 52%, of discounted products (source: Nielsen Scan Track 2015 – e.g. 21% in Germany, 29% in neighbouring Poland). The situation continued for several years and the discounted product ratio increased. The chains and the producers know of the problem; however, they haven't yet found a way to reverse the trend. When everybody promoted discounts, chocolate, among others, became a commodity with the discount being more important than whether the chocolate is good, bad, local or imported. The main sale competitor is Orion (owned by Nestlé) considered to be a "national" brand both in Czech and Slovakia over KCH.