Client: Diageo
Brand: J&B
Campaign: Start a Party
Category: FMCG

J&B broke with a dusty whisky tradition and created a new positioning and campaign aimed at fresh generations of consumers. In doing so, it offered a lucrative future for J&B in a range of European markets. The sharp increases in sales value, market shares and communication parameters exceeded all expectations, showing that there is a promising future. See for yourself and when you're done: Start a Party.

J&B is a blended Scotch whisky founded in 1749. After more than two and a half centuries the trend was downward and J&B faced several serious challenges. Firstly, since 2004, J&B lost 11% in volume and 5% in value against a market decline of 1%. In Belgium as a mature market, J&B had to cope with volume and value decline by 2%. Whereas in Turkey, sales declined by 4% in volume and 9% in value. Luckily, Cyprus and Romania could be potential growth markets for J&B. Secondly, as with the Scotch whisky category in general; J&B had problems recruiting new generations of drinkers. This was due to a more traditional image and a less accessible taste when compared to rum and vodka. In addition, the differences per country have been huge. But for the sake of efficiency, they all need to be serviced with one campaign. Last but not least, the parent company Diageo is dedicated to responsible marketing, so much so that its own Diageo Marketing Code is stricter than most of the world's legal restrictions.