Informational Resistance: Victory Day

Campaign Background & Summary

War propaganda is trying to rewrite history and ignite the conflict not only between Ukrainian and Russian states but also between ethnic Ukrainians and Russians who live in both countries. One of the "favourite" topics of the Russian Federation's propaganda is to say that Ukrainians are showing aggression to veterans who were brothers in arms in the fight against fascism.

Favourite messages of Russian propaganda were that Ukrainians hate Russians, punish the use of the Russian language and prohibit veterans from wearing war medals on the Victory Day. Fake news created by Russian media went viral provoking Ukrainians into another escalation of civil conflict. Moreover, a raw edition of "Decommunization" package of laws took conflict to a new level. In the Kharkov region alone, on the 9th of May Ukrainian intelligence expected at least 15 public demonstrations sponsored by Russian-oriented parties with high risk of provocations.