Challenge, context & objectives

The world's biggest oral issue... yet no-one cares

1 in 3 adults globally suffer from gum disease1 ; an infection caused by bacteria build-up. The consequences can be severe; the patient develops gingivitis, advanced gum recession called periodontitis and eventually tooth loss. In Europe, more teeth are lost from gum disease than cavities or tooth decay combined2 . But most consumers either don't know or care about their gums.

The most common early sign of gum disease is blood after brushing – visible when you spit in the sink. Consumers today explain this blood away as a result of strong brushing, but left untreated, bleeding gums can progress to much worse.

A toothpaste for gums

parodontax (aka Corsodyl) is primarily a toothpaste proven to stop and reverse early gum disease. Trials demonstrate it's 4x more effective than regular toothpaste3 .