Gillette Body

Campaign details

Brand: Gillette
Agency: Grey London
Client: Procter&Gamble
Country: United Kingdom

Campaign Background & Summary

The rise of beards has been a hot topic over the past five years, with men throughout Europe growing everything from designer stubble to full lumberjack beards.

But while beards have gotten all the attention, another trend has been quietly, but steadily rising in bathrooms around Europe.

More and more men are shaving their bodies. In 2014, 36% of all men who wet shave in Western Europe were body grooming1. In response to this rise, Gillette, Europe's biggest shaving brand, developed the first razor specifically "built for the male terrain" – the Gillette BODY razor.

And importantly, this new BODY razor represented an opportunity to offset sales declines from face razors, adding incremental value to the category.