Droga Kolinska : Argeta Junior

Argeta is a strong brand of pâté in the Adriatic region. Significant growth has been achieved over the past decade and the image of a modern, dynamic brand has benefited Argeta.

Argeta sustained its significant growth rates over the years with constant innovation; however, in 2009 a bolder step was required. Focus was shifted to a growing consumer segment – children. In order to better suit the needs of the target market, a former flavour variation, Argeta Junior, was re-launched as a sub-brand and an additional flavour was added to the product line. This was a bold plan, considering the strong competition among children's breakfast food brands.

Creating a sub-brand has proven to be an excellent decision. The brand's growth rates were maintained and consumption of the children's pâté grew, despite the fact that the market for children's food is saturated.


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