Directorate-General Health & Consumers (DG SANCO): Ex-smokers are Unstoppable

Client: European Commission
Brand: Directorate-General Health & Consumers (DG SANCO)
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels
Category: General Healthcare & OTC Products
Country: Belgium

Every year, 695,000 Europeans die because of smoking. Smoking continues to be the largest single cause of preventable death and disease in the European Union (EU). Research shows that, on average, 21% of European smokers have tried to quit at least once in the past year. However, research also indicates that they are not always successful.

Anti-tobacco campaigns are not new but until recently, they focused only on how bad smoking is and how it can negatively impact on health and lifestyles.

The latest 'Ex-smokers are Unstoppable' campaign shifts the focus to the benefits of giving up as it targets an age group well aware of the health risks of tobacco. For the first time, the message is a positive one in that it aims to support a long-term motivation to get rid of one's addiction and stay away from tobacco. The focus is the new life that opens up to ex-smokers. The campaign celebrates ex-smokers and portrays them as inspiring role models to encourage other smokers to quit, as when you manage to get rid of what is scientifically proven to be an addiction, you can achieve anything. The large number of smokers who want to quit no longer need convincing about the need to stop. The challenge is to find the right motivation to get them to act on their desire to give up smoking.