Brand Name: Coca Cola Regular
Client Name:
Coca Cola Espaa
Agency Name: McCann Erickson Spain
Category for this Entry: FMCG Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages (Silver)


With its 'Chihuahua' campaign Coca-Cola succeeded in shedding its image as a conservative, distant and static brand unappealing to young people, and reinventing itself as a young and hip drink. Through the use of TV and radio commercials featuring a catchy tune, an ageing brand was once again turned into the youth's favourite brand, achieving a 71% spontaneous recall rate, a 69% increase in purchase intent and close to 57 million units more in sales.

Campaign Objectives

  • Regain Coca-Cola's position in consumers' mind, communicating traditional brand values.

  • Restore the brand as a reference to youth.

  • Increase brand relevance among young target audience.

Target Audience

  • Primary - youngsters from 15 to 21, who are used to seeing advertising and who like brands that show their way of life in an authentic way.

  • Secondary - all people that feel young at heart and think life could be happy and exciting even at bad times.