Brother International Europe: 141%

Client: Brother
Brand: Brother International Europe
Agency: Grey London
Category: Product/Service Launch
Country: United Kingdom

Before its campaign to introduce the A3 printer, Brother International ranked among the top five printing manufacture brands throughout Europe, but most people were unaware of the company's existence. With low brand awareness and a divide between the company and the consumer, Brother needed a strategy that would not only increase its market share, but also increase its brand awareness.

Using television advertisements as their main platform for reaching the consumer, Brother was able to increase the number of retailers they sold to, as well as experience an overall increase in brand recognition and awareness.


  1. Business Objectives
  2. Hit 2011 launch target of 202,000 unit sales across Europe. This would equate to €33 million in turnover. Specifically with these three markets:

    • Germany: 53,000 units (€8 million turnover)
    • France: 26,000 units (€4.7 million turnover)
    • United Kingdom: 30,000 units (€5.1 million turnover)
  3. Marketing Objectives