Babybel: Mini Babybel

Campaign details

Brand: Babybel
Agency: Y&R Paris
Advertiser: Bel
Country: France

Campaign Background & Summary


For forty years, Mini Babybel had been a nice little cheese enjoyed by all. People knew the product, kids liked its fun red wax and appreciated its mild taste.

The brand was well established but, to remain competitive on a market as challenging as the snacking market, Mini Babybel needed to become cooler and more meaningful for both kids and mothers! That was no easy game.

Actually, for kids aged 8-12 yo, craving for cool snackable content shareable on social networks, Mini Babybel was just a little cheese lacking interest. Worse still, after years of communication targeting mothers, it was perceived as babyish and failed to trigger thrill among kids.

As for mothers, despite years of communication claiming the 98% of milk of the product, they still questioned its naturality, and Mini Babybel's items of quality and naturality decreased year after year.