Argeta: Approved by mums

Campaign details

Client: Atlantic Grupa
Brand: Argeta
Agency: Publicis Slovenia, Atlantic Media, Publicis Macedonia, Alert and M.I.T.A
Category: FMCG
Country: Slovenia

Argeta pâté has an extraordinarily successful tradition in the West Balkans region - it is a strong regional market leader, maintaining high growth rates over the last 12 years and achieving consistent brand value growth, placing it among top 5 strongest brands in the region, right behind legendary brands such as Milka and Coca-Cola. Maintaining Argeta's market leader position on the pâté market in the West Balkans region was harder than ever in 2013. Recession was very much present and the consumer confidence index reached historically low values. Consumers started to reconsider their purchases, especially for products such as pâté. Why did this happen in a category where the price of a single unit is only approximately 1 Euro? While in most European countries pâté is considered to be a high-end product, in the West Balkans it is perceived to be made out of meat industry leftovers and is therefore labelled unhealthy. Why would households continue to spend money on this "junk food"? Argeta, as the market leader, sometimes costs as much as 5 times more than a low cost pâté so consumers started to turn towards cheaper alternatives, believing the quality would not be that different. As a consequence the key market players started a dangerous price battle. Although Argeta participated at first, it wasn't a long term solution as it would severely affect the brand's profitability.

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