You've probably heard that organizations that are leaders in being insight-driven report far higher levels of consumer engagement and market growth than their laggard counterparts. However, it can be hard to turn an organization when they've never been exposed to them before or are stuck in their ways. gif paper will walk you through how Nature's Way went from utilizing insights and analytics to craving them, which has resulted in +5% growth vs. YAGO overall, +4% for our Alive! Brand, +25% for our Fortify brand, +80% for our Samcubus brand, and +15% for our Umcka brand.


Before I can reveal where Nature's Way is today, I need to take you back in time to understand the climate of what I was entering. One and a half years ago, Nature's Way decided to invest in their marketing department, growing it from 5 people to 40+. In this investment came a completely new function, marketing capabilities. At this time, the Marketing Capabilities Department at Nature's Way consisted of one person... me. I was given the honor and privilege to build out this function from scratch which consists of analytics, consumer insights, education, and graphic design. While I had an audacious plan and goal to turn Nature's Way into an insights driven organization, I was at an inflection point. I could either move slowly and assess everything or I could jump both feet in and drink from the firehose. I did the only thing I know how - moved at the speed of lightening and began to build something great that would inspire the organization to build strategies that would help them grow. I quickly set the BHAG - a Chief Knowledge Officer, Vision, Principles, and Learning Agenda for my team and got to work. While the initial plan was to have 9 people on my team, because of the tremendous impact we had to the organization and business results, we quickly grew to 13 (and still counting). This paper reviews the 'ground rules' that transformed Nature's Way from not leveraging data at all to becoming dependent on data, insights, and the Marketing Capabilities function.

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