We all love and use buzz words these days. "Data driven" marketing is one of them, as is "big data" and "360° customer insights". However, what do they really mean? How do you put them into practice? Where do they differ from traditional marketing approaches? Most importantly: what do you achieve with them?

The Belgian National Lottery is a prime example of a company going beyond the buzz, by taking marketing to the next level. They combined traditional research insights with the richness of internal transactional data. Each on its own only tells you half of the story; together, they allow you to enter a new level of marketing effectiveness, i.e. really knowing the customer. Who are they, what do they play and why? They created player personas based on both motivational data (collected through online research) and transactional data (player behaviour data). This allows the National Lottery to construct a strong and "tailor-made" communication strategy for each brand of its portfolio. Parallel to tailoring communication to the brands, this is also a promising and powerful tool to engage efficiently with its e-players; through one-to-one communication campaigns by using the right message for the right player, for the right game. Thus, the end goal is tailored communication, both at brand and gamer level.

Background and business context