Web Surveys: Revolutionising the Survey Industry or (only) Enriching its Spectrum?

Zenel Batagelj
CATI Center
Vasja Vehovar
University of Ljubljana, 


By the term Web surveys we understand self administrated questionnaires which respondents interactively answer on the WWW (World Wide Web). The history of these surveys reaches back only a few years, however from a technical point of view they have already reached a relatively mature stage. Today, Web surveys enable the inclusion of all key features of computer assisted survey information collection (CASIC) and a wide range of computer software solutions is already available. In most cases, such software is an integral part of the complex CASIC applications that support different survey modes. Nevertheless, these are only introductory developments. In the future, Web surveys will go far beyond other modes of CASIC. With the increased speed of transmission and other technical developments (such as improved speech recognition) the Web surveys will include customised video introduction, attractive interactive help, rich multimedia effects, virtual conversations, automatic recordings, etc.