Introduction: The necessity and inevitability of video-based research

Market Research follows the way consumers communicate. The advent of postal services, telephone, and development of the internet brought about similar jumps to postal, phone, and online research. The future of online communication is audio-visual, making video surveys and large-scale video data collection inevitable. NAILBITER was formed by industry veterans to push the boundaries of quantitative video market research to uncover new ways of measuring brands and marketing.

Big FMCG manufacturers and retailers have access to an unprecedented amount of data to make key marketing and brand decisions. Yet these companies are struggling to match consumer expectations and are losing market share in most categories. Something is wrong with the market research business if more data is resulting in less insight!

One limitation has been a lack of innovation in market research techniques, especially those that are survey based. New behavioral research techniques have not scaled to become repeatable, reliable and projectable. The advent of online research was the last major seismic event in market research and that was 25 years ago.