Itaú and the Brazilian scenario

Itaú is the largest financial institution in Latin America. With over 60 million clients, our profits are over six billion reais per year. With a robust digital platform, we invest in user experience with over 100 UX designers working on developing three full apps and four mono apps.

With Agile as the main framework method, delivering fast and high value solutions to our clients is our main purpose. However, our clients range from opposite spectrums regarding financial well-being, and have a difficult relationship towards dealing with money in an unequal society.

Brazil is still considered a developing country, with over 50 million people living under the poverty line and facing many highs and lows economically.

"According to the researchers, the data also revealed that Brazil is a deeply unequal country and that inequality occurs at all levels. For example, regarding ethnicity and color, the research shows that among the people with the ten percent lowest income in the country, 78.5% are black or mixed race, while 20.8% are white." - IBGE Institute of Geography and Statistics