This paper is about an innovative application of NUDGE, designed to minimize the disruption caused to consumers, and thereby significantly improve chances of brand relaunch success. As a core concept, NUDGE is about creating a context of choice for people, designed in such a way as to encourage them to adopt a desired behavior.

With brand relaunches, success is determined by migration of our current brand buyers to our new brand. So, our application of NUDGE was about designing a context of choice, where existing brand buyers are allowed the choice to buy into the new brand. So, rather than drive a behavior change which has traditionally been the remit of NUDGE, this was about maintaining current consumer behavior in a changing environment.

Business results a year after the relaunch, have been positive – driving short term sales and share gain, and successfully maintaining penetration levels. And it all came down to approaching the thinking behind the relaunch plans in a new way.