Several days ago, Instagram (owned by Facebook as everybody knows) announced the launch of a new functionality. Now on Instagram, it is possible to share 10 minute long video content (one hour long for "premium" accounts). The goal is to compete with YouTube; targeting teens and it will complete the offer of services for influencers.

We have conducted research about influencer marketing. Some results will help us to understand why Instagram launched such new feature.

What is influencer marketing?

Today, through social networks, a previously unknown individual may create a wide community of followers. This community of followers usually shares interest with the creator or / and simply likes what he / she is, or / and what he does.

We are neither talking here about a couple of followers nor about Kim Kardashian. Maybe you have already heard (not necessarily good things) about Peeweedie with his 63 million subscribers, but I am pretty sure you do not know "Holasoygerman" despite his 34 million subscribers, or about most of the more than 5000 YouTube accounts owned by individuals (and not celebrities) with more than one million subscribers.