Making a rapid transformation from a traditional, sales-led business to a modern customer focused organization, MetLife needed to re-invigorate its brand and deliver compelling offers in its top markets, Japan being chief among these.

MetLife's approach combined significant analytical rigor and a holistic research program, to identify high-value target segments, design attractive offers that addressed their needs, and uncover a universal consumer insight relating to the concept of Rougo - the Japanese word for 'life after retirement' - a word describing a life-stage that despite Japan's advanced economic status drives anxiety across all age groups. With this insight, we made it our goal to work in earnest to change the very concept of Rougo. The insight served as the foundation of MetLife Japan's brand strategy, go-to-market movement and internally rally cry, '#ChangeRougo'.

Activities commenced in Q3 2017 and drove considerable impact. First among the wins was the new sense of purpose and commitment this program drove in the salesforce leading to a year-on-year uplift in total sales and average sales per customer more than 20 times industry growth benchmarks.

Background - Coming to the crossroad that led us to part ways with snoopy