The Power is in the Mix: How smart data integration will reinvent the survey industry

Annelies Verhaeghe, Angie Deceunick, Katia Pallini, Bianca Vucescu


We all acknowledge that today's reality is faster and more furious than ever before. Yet our research formats are not in line with this snappy reality. There is an especially big gap with survey research, where the average survey still has a duration of 23 (long!) minutes (Cape, Phillips, 2015). So it comes as no surprise that consumers move away from taking part in (survey) research. Quoting the most recent GRIT study (GRIT, 2016): 'The real existential threat to our industry is neither automation nor competing methodologies. It's the future of research participation'.

At the same time, we can observe that surveys keep occupying a central role in decision making. Looking at the global yearly spend (ESOMAR, 2015) on surveys, we can observe a yearly increase. As such, we as an industry need to get more serious on how we can create, and what we can call, a sustainable research eco-system.