• Problem: Is there a fast and easy way to segment consumers in most contexts and across categories?
  • Solution: Develop a new market segmentation model that helps predict personality dimensions, decision patterns, emotions, and attitudes towards brands and products based on what consumers wear.
  • Insights: We developed the Dress Map Model that categorise consumers in terms of five profiles: Pristine, safe, trendy, belligerent, and relaxed. The pristine are detail-oriented, impulsive and elegant. The safe are anxious and conservative about their wardrobe and seek to pass unnoticed. The trendy are fashion innovators that like to take risks, while belligerents are big on causes, follow a moral compass and tend to reject the status quo. The relaxed seek comfort in their clothing and are constantly looking for balance in their lives.
  • Conclusion: The Dress Map Model is a good complement to existing segmentation methodologies and can be implemented in interviews, observations, questionnaires, and self-reports. We discuss the potential of the model for both industry and government.