The power of Pacha Mama: Mother Earth and the construction of successful brands

Julia Paez and Cristina Paez
Consultor Apoyo, Ecuador
María Augusta Iturralde
Neurosketch, Colombia


"Doña Justina Cusicanqui, wise and tender old lady, tells a story of her grandmother about an Aymara Indian who, in front of the obstinate priests that aimed for him to be baptized under the Christian faith, answered in a very calm tone: "I expect nothing from the Heavens, all I have has been given to me by the Land". Homero Carvalho Oliva, 1957, Pachamama

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent an important sector for the growth of global economy. SMEs in Latin America have an even more important role, and it is clear that they are becoming stronger every day.

"For Latin America SMEs represent a lot in terms of employment, production and even if in a discreet way, have a role in exports which are so necessary for our countries".1)