Introduction: A visual future

Camera phone + Social Media + Internet + Visual bias = visual language

In 2015 across Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat over three billion photos were shared every day. That's over one trillion photos a year. If every picture says a thousand words that would be over a quadrillion words. That's a lot of data. You get the picture.

Although the majority of images people share tend to be images of themselves, and their friends and family, many of the images people share on social media are also of brands. In a study conducted by The Answer, that included the analysis of 9,000 images chosen at random from Instagram brands were shown on just over 1,800 occasions.

It used to be the case that visual language of brands was the sole domain of designers and branding teams. Visual imagery was expensive to produce and even more expensive to distribute, and consumers had little to no input into how brands were presented. This is no longer the case.