The low income consumer – a growth opportunity

Ana Claudia Fioratti
LatinPanel Brazil


This paper presents the Study on Low-Income Consumers (LICs) based on the Consumer Panel, including information from around the whole Latin America, including 14 countries: the South Cone (Argentina and Chile), the Andean Region (Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia), Central America (Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico), Brazil and Mexico, from the new consumer segmentation devised by LatinPanel, which standardizes social economic levels (SELs) across the region.

In addition to profiling LICs–that including household size, life cycle (independent households, couples with small children, couples with preadolescent children, couples with adolescent children, couples with grownup children, and single parents), this study also presents how this stratum behaves when shopping, the preferred shopping channel, categories comprising the purchase basket – that including food products, non-alcoholic beverages, health & personal care categories, and household cleaning items common to all 14 countries.