In today's connected yet cluttered world, creating differentiation and relevance on the digital medium is an uphill task. It requires brands not to have a communicable platform and other intangible resources, but a heavy budget to invest. Hence, this research seeks to create and validate a new approach for brands to develop a fusion based approach aiming at more meaningful and differentiated digital communication strategies. This methodology focuses on enabling marketers to contextualize the online data and derive digital campaigns for brands that have consumers at their heart.

Brands have been powerful entities in shaping human aspirations, dreams and fears, through a dynamic and active communicational tactics. This communication is an offshoot of a consumer's emotions and expressions that they have difficulty in expressing otherwise. Using various mediums, these brands adopt a language of those unsaid emotions and expressions for their consumers to, ultimately, latch onto and hence creating a symbiotic relationship in the process. Through communication channels, the brand becomes as important to the consumers as consumers are to themselves.