Digital Anthropology is at the heart of our paper. We started by understanding the human relationship with voice technology. We then use the insights from Digital Anthropology to enhance brand love. Here, we provide suggestions on how brands can build stronger and more meaningful relationship with consumers through the understanding of how technologies are impacting people amid the era of digital technology.

The first part of the paper discusses the human-machine relationship. We have discovered a fascinating and unique relationship between people and machines. It cannot be compared to the depth and complexity of human-human relationships and perhaps never will be. The relationship between people and voice technology is a novel form of emotional attachment that links to functional needs. It influences the core human feelings: hope, desperation, loneliness, frustration, adoration, excitement, happiness and sadness. This paper will highlight the various dimensions of how the usage of voice technology stimulates and addresses different emotional needs. We have also developed some key trends that project the next big things in voice technology.