The Financial Intelligence FQ-game - A multi-cultural study into financial literacy and its relationship with emotional wellbeing

Chris Kersbergen and Jan Kienhuis


As ING is separating its Insurance and Asset Management business lines from its Banking business line, it has an unique opportunity to develop a new and differentiating vision for the new Insurance company, including what its brand ‘ideally’ should stand for.

With the objective to find fresh and challenging insights behind such an ‘ideal’ Insurance company, ING – in early 2010 -– embarked on a fascinating and rigorous journey. Trend research, competitive analysis and numerous focus groups (10 countries covering the Americas, Europe and Asia) helped ING work towards a positioning that might easily spark a process setting a new standard in insurance.

For the purpose of this Congress paper it is not relevant to elaborate on the insights from this global positioning study, except for one of the most important.