Let us lay the cards on the table and speak about some uncomfortable truths regarding multinational companies:

  1. Even though we operate in local contexts, we act according to brand positioning and global platforms. It is in local contexts that we have to respond to the fluctuations of the market at the risk of losing emotional closeness with our clients.
  2. We have endless sources of information, departments processing it and suppliers fueling that knowledge, but what a priori is a tool, when built in silos, breaks up the perspective of the organization and becomes an obstacle.
  3. We speak about postmodernism or the digital-era as if we were reciting an old book by heart, and we use words such as unstable, volatile or liquidity in our everyday language. However, we do not always know how to operate in those terms from the business or brand.

Of course, the case we are sharing was not conceived with the intention of solving all of these discomforts. Consumer Mood came up in a context of regional economic crisis, seeking to provide Coca-Cola with local sensitivity without losing sight of its international status. Taking care of the rest of these aforementioned points was not part of the design, but a need we faced during the development of the project.