Imagine how poorly would have This is Spinal Tap or Mrs Doubtfire tested with a Focus Group audience? Would the "jokes" have had appeal? Be relevant? Propel call to action? Would the studios have even greenlighted these projects?

There are two maladies that brands face these days: 1. In a world of fake news and post-news, and data scandals -there is a erosion of consumer trust; 2. In an era of so much content competing for consumer attention, there is a definite cognitive overload - how then can a brand hope to get and hold consumer attention? Can they even do that?

Humour as a form of Brand storytelling is a great device, but to reduce humour to just a clever turn of phrase or a chuckle-worthy moment is oversimplifying it. For a joke to land as intended, to compel behaviour change, create impact, it must find that sweet spot between humour and heart - the purest observation of the human condition.

Advertising in India: We are like this only