A category based in Ready-to-Eat crunchy products has evolved to become a great companion in different consumption occasions: a good accomplice in celebrations, a perfect meal replacement option when we are in a hurry, or a comforting treat when we are down. It's imperative for manufacturers in the growing snacking industry to fully understand not only the environment around these occasions, but also the shopping and consuming triggers to entirely offer products that suit emotional and functional habits of consumers.

The macro-snacking industry deals with diverse categories that offer a wide variety of options, which makes it a complex challenge for a brand to stand out. Within the Snacking macro-category, the Salty Snacks category is composed of a wide variety of segments such as Potato Chips, Snack Mixes, Tortilla Chips, Rice Chips, or Assorted Multipacks, among others, that tend to offer different solutions for different needs. Various questions arise surrounding the consumption. What's the motivation for consumers craving a snack – salty, savory, spicy or sweet? Are health considerations taken into account when selecting a snack? How much consumption is impulsive at the point of sale?